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In 2016, I started the Sarah Walder Music Project, now the Sarah Walder Amata Music Project. The goal of the project is to bring classical music out of the concert hall and onto the street, as well as start a viola da gamba studio in northern Arizona. Classical music can be funny, silly, lovely, heartbreaking, and life-changing, and I hope that most people will find that it has something to offer. 

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The Arizona Project & Cello Trip

The Arizona Project is  a street performance project designed to take music to places is often never goes: on top of utility boxes, at busy city intersections, next to the train tracks. 

The project is meant to open up discussions about music, community, and unity . . . to name just  a few . . . and to bring us together in open space, just as ourselves, not as performer and audience.

I perform Bach around Flagstaff, Arizona during the warmer summer months and give a performance, called Cello Trip,  at the end of the season, where I play both the Bach I play on the streets and my own works for cello and loop station. 

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Viola da Gamba in Northern Arizona

It's a dream of mine to start a Viola da Gamba community in northern Arizona. The gamba is a fantastic instrument that is easier to pick up than the cello and is super fun to play. 

To start a community like this requires instruments! If you'd like to support this new community, please consider donating through my fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. 

If you'd like to learn the gamba, please Contact Me to set up a lesson. 

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