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Online and In-Person Cello & Gamba Lessons and Ensemble Coaching

I have been teaching and coaching beginners, amateurs and professionals of all ages since 1990. You are welcome to make an appointment whether you wish to address a specific technical or physical aspect of playing your instrument, learn an instrument from scratch, polish a piece for an upcoming performance, or refresh skills learned as a child.


In addition, I trained as a Physical Therapist specifically to be able to help musicians address any physical problems that relate to playing. I generally incorporate my training as a physical therapist into my practice. Specific questions regarding playing-related pain, how to best prevent future playing-related problems, or how improve your playing by reducing tension and using your body in a more efficient way are welcome!

Movement and Physical Health Coaching for String Players

Pain is one of musicians’ most common complaints, especially pain in the shoulders, neck, back and hands. Musicians often have mobility issues, such as stiffness or increased muscle tension or the opposite, hypermobility. Neurological symptoms, such as loss of motor control or the feeling of pins and needles in the fingers, are also common. Which performance-related playing complaints you experience is dependent on several factors, including age.

Using my degree in physical therapy, along with my years of playing, I can answer your questions about movement and pain. Movement coaching is an important element of all my lessons and coaching sessions! When we reduce pain, we play better!

Movement and Physical Health
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